For the spirited, the curious and the wild, these alluring heirloom-wears capture the imagination of both children and adults, inspiring transformation and adventure.

Founded in 2012 by London artist and textile designer Sara Lowes, Animalesque fuses Sara’s experience in embroidery design for high-end fashion, and costume design for theatre, to create beautiful handmade animal headdresses for masquerade balls, festival wear, kids dress-up and alternative weddings.

The ethos of Animalesque is to make wearable pieces of art that appeal for their elegance and playfulness, whilst celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage of handcrafted textiles. 

Working from an archive of fabrics and embellishments mindfully sourced from her travels, reclaimed from theatre wardrobes, and up-cycled from old garments, the significance of the materials is integral to the design process. 

“I aim for my pieces to capture stories of sentiment, ceremony and symbolism; using a combination of illustration, screen print, embroidery and mixed media techniques to convey a sense of narrative.”

Animalesque headdresses are sold worldwide in boutique outlets , through the website shop and at pop-up events, whilst bespoke commissions are also available and have appeared in theatre and dance productions, film and fashion shoots.

Animalesque has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Selvedge, Marie Claire, The Sunday Telegraph, and Papier Mache.


Animalesque Studio